Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jan 2014

Jan 2014

Jan 2014 by darth-bador 

Right, I know it's not quite the end of January just yet, but I thought I'd give you guys a little update on what this year has brought me so far. 
First things first, the Topshop Argo boots! I fucking adore them, they're my actual babies. Now, I'm not going to lie, they're are a tad uncomfortable given the fact they don't actually stretch, and the material is pretty solid, but other than that they're perfect. I know I shouldn't probably, but I wear them as an everyday kinda shoe (yes I'll probably knacker them in a couple of months but hey ho, they're too gorgeous not too), and you don't feel the heel at all. I had a right mare when it came to buying these as I desperately needed some new shoes (mine had holes in), and I had to chose between these (£92), my old shoes (£42) or a pair of Libby Vagabonds (£100). In the end, I got 10% off these and was sold. I don't know about the quality of Topshop shoes, but it will be worth it for something this gorgeous. 

My first purchase of the year, (okay last purchase of last year but whatever) was the Asos (petite) Bodycon Stripy Dress. I'm not sure if they did it in not petite, but I prefer buying midi dresses in petite as I know they won't be down to my ankles, I'm not short, but it still worries me. Anyway, This dress is so cute! It's a little bit tight, as I got it in a four because I thought that it was made from a kinda tee shirt material, but it's actually a really nice and thick material (still stretchy). It's also a dress which really sucks you in, and doesn't stretch through out the night (you know, when dresses do the thing?). And it was only a tenner in the Asos sale!

When I bought that dress I also ordered these cute as fuck socks from the Asos sale too, although they're originally Pull and Bear. Recently, in our local shopping center, a new Pull and Bear appeared, and I'm not going to lie, I've been in twice and I'm not a fan. But these socks, and for two pounds, I couldn't really not. I always wear them pulled up over tights which often looks ridiculous but I do just want to show them off. (The Pull and Bear logo on them does really irritate me though)

Finally (sorry for the ramble), Bitching and Junkfood's Denaro Bodycon Dress. I am in L O V E with this dress. I want to wear it everyday, even if I think it washes me out a little. I've been watching it on their website for a while now, but for £79 pounds and no job, there was no chance of me buying it. However, during the most stressful shoe shop of all time, I found this in the Urban Outfitters sale for £30, in an extra small (just my size), and I literally could not say no. ITS PERFECT I AM IN LOVE AND NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME PLEASE DON'T HURT MY DRESS thnk u.

I also ordered a See-through Inflatable bag with daisies on, for £4.50, and no p&p. So I'm happy with that.

Emily x x x

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yung what?

I have to admit, this whole SAD BOYS 2001 thing that's coming up right now, I am fucking in love with. Yung Lean is like a year older than me, maybe not even that, and all of those kids are just cool as fuck. Not because they dress cool or make music or whatever,  but they literally just don't give a fuck.
And everyone is trying to analyse what they're doing like everyone is saying something along the lines of 'he's either a genius or a moron'. Everyone is just saying it must be a joke blah blah etc etc. But, I'm pretty sure they're probably fuckin dying because they're just having a laugh, it doesn't mean they're joking but they're definitely just fucking with people now.

I adore them for not taking everything so fucking seriously and actually just admitting they're those kids who don't really wanna do much. 

"I don't want to do anything. I wanna twerk for the reat of my life" - Yung Lean, for an interview with Noisey

I dunno, they're just the kinda kids who you can actually relate to, and also they're just fucking hilarious. 

Emily x x x

(P.S check out Comedown by Yung Gud, it's getting me through college)



TIBI top / Denim shorts, $76 / T By Alexander Wang soft cup bra, $67 / Black panty / H&M black socks, $6.55 / Y.R.U. black shoes / Adidas vintage backpack / Retro sunglasses / Illamasqua foundation brush / Chanel nail polish / Idea Design Collection Idea - Dietrich Lubs x Düller ballpoint pen, $75 / Indré Bankauskaité Black Moor

I' not going to lie, I find Polyvore quite hard, but friggin addictive. I can never actually decide what I want in my posts, and usually I don't end up happy with the actual clothing in them, just the lay out, which isn't the way it should work I hear.

This post, I actually am fucking in love with the Adidas Vintage Backpack! I'm literally the biggest sucker for anything see through, it kills me. Also, please don't judge me on the shoes  or the socks (which I despise), I couldn't find any others which fitted with the theme.

Emily x x x

Or something?

After loosing my first job two days ago, and various other shit things occurring, I thought I may as well start a blog, because frankly who else is going to listen to my pointless ramblings in my newly acquired spare time?
This probably won't go anywhere as I have a horrific memory, and am also very lazy, so in about two weeks you'll probably get a post once in a blue moon. (I promise I don't always sound so negative)

To move on, I'm Emily. I'm 16, and I like offensive rap and I don't have any plans in life. I model here and there (that's me in the photo above from a recent shoot), but I'm such a short arse, I probably won't get signed. My favourite food are figs and if I am walking down the street with you, I'll almost definitely point out every single dog I see.

I sort of want this blog to be a fashion blog, although I know I'm way to poor and not exciting enough for that, so you'll get whatever you're fucking given (apologies in advance for the swearing, it's going to happen a lot).

I promise I'll try to post, maybe this can be a late new years resolution or something?

Emily x x x