Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yung what?

I have to admit, this whole SAD BOYS 2001 thing that's coming up right now, I am fucking in love with. Yung Lean is like a year older than me, maybe not even that, and all of those kids are just cool as fuck. Not because they dress cool or make music or whatever,  but they literally just don't give a fuck.
And everyone is trying to analyse what they're doing like everyone is saying something along the lines of 'he's either a genius or a moron'. Everyone is just saying it must be a joke blah blah etc etc. But, I'm pretty sure they're probably fuckin dying because they're just having a laugh, it doesn't mean they're joking but they're definitely just fucking with people now.

I adore them for not taking everything so fucking seriously and actually just admitting they're those kids who don't really wanna do much. 

"I don't want to do anything. I wanna twerk for the reat of my life" - Yung Lean, for an interview with Noisey

I dunno, they're just the kinda kids who you can actually relate to, and also they're just fucking hilarious. 

Emily x x x

(P.S check out Comedown by Yung Gud, it's getting me through college)

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