Saturday, 11 January 2014

Or something?

After loosing my first job two days ago, and various other shit things occurring, I thought I may as well start a blog, because frankly who else is going to listen to my pointless ramblings in my newly acquired spare time?
This probably won't go anywhere as I have a horrific memory, and am also very lazy, so in about two weeks you'll probably get a post once in a blue moon. (I promise I don't always sound so negative)

To move on, I'm Emily. I'm 16, and I like offensive rap and I don't have any plans in life. I model here and there (that's me in the photo above from a recent shoot), but I'm such a short arse, I probably won't get signed. My favourite food are figs and if I am walking down the street with you, I'll almost definitely point out every single dog I see.

I sort of want this blog to be a fashion blog, although I know I'm way to poor and not exciting enough for that, so you'll get whatever you're fucking given (apologies in advance for the swearing, it's going to happen a lot).

I promise I'll try to post, maybe this can be a late new years resolution or something?

Emily x x x

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